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Radio GDR


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Keep up the great work!!!

This one of the only programs that truly covers the DDR in all aspects. Please keep up the great work!!


This is a tremendous podcast with great content, great hosts and interesting guests and subject matter. A fascinating historical topic. I thoroughly enjoy it. I watched the documentary From Us to Me because of this and loved it! It has also opened other doors for me. I highly recommend this podcast. Great work. Please keep it coming!!

Pleaseeeee keep going

I just found this show and am so happy to find that I’m not the only one interested in the DDR history!! Thanks for incredible content and great audio quality.

Fantastic content

Consistently great quality audio and content. For fans of Cold War history and those interested in the DDR you’ll never be disappointed. One of the best English language history podcasts around. Gives you a glimpse into a system that’s gone but also not far away. Great job!

Amazing podcast

Such an amazing and detailed podcast about such an important period in history. Shane does such a great job to bring these stories to life...he’s preserving recent history with each episode

Radio GDR

PHENOMENAL podcast about the GDR, better known as the former Soviet satellite country of East Germany to us here in the US. I’ve always been fascinated with the Cold War era, as most of my childhood and teen years were filled with nightly news stories about the “evil communist” Warsaw Pact nations that were, as a collective, the USSR. This podcast is well researched, well narrated, and doesn’t just rehash the same stories we’ve heard over and over. Great job!!