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May 18, 2022

"A House Divided Cannot Stand" - Designing Chapman University's Berlin Wall Monument at Liberty Plaza with Richard Turner

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This episode seeks to answer a burning question - what does an artist do with a piece of the Berlin Wall? In our last episode, we interviewed Dr. Jim Doti, Professor and President Emeritus of Chapman University in Orange, California (chapman.edu), about how Chapman secured a piece of the Berlin Wall for the university's lovely campus. Today I am honored to be joined by Chapman's own Professor Emeritus Richard Turner, the artist who designed Liberty Plaza where Chapman's Berlin Wall is displayed. Liberty Plaza is breathtaking - set amongst crepe myrtle trees, the Berlin Wall sits in an oval reflecting pool ringed by Abraham Lincoln's quote "A House Divided Cannot Stand." A stone chair inspired by the Lincoln Memorial sits on a mound facing the wall encouraging students and visitors to consider the importance of freedom. Richard tells us how his time in Asia in the 1960s inspired his beautiful public art projects, which range from metro stations, public parks and water treatment facilities to a justice center, veterans’ memorial and a university chapel. His public work is guided by a desire to make pieces that are accessible but not obvious, pieces that reveal themselves over time to a diverse audience. Thank you, Professors Turner, Doti and Chapman University, for this amazing story.


For more information on Professor Turner and his public art, check out his website below

Turner Projects

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Photos of Liberty Plaza below



How Chapman University Brought a Piece of the Berlin Wall to Campus |  Chapman Newsroom

Dr. Jim Doti, who brought the Berlin Wall to Chapman, with artist Richard Turner, designer of Liberty Plaza



Richard Turner found inspiration in the chair at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C.