East Germany Podcast - Radio GDR

East Germany Podcast - Radio GDR

Welcome to the East Germany Podcast. Life in former East Germany holds an ongoing fascination for a lot of people. Join us as we learn more about the DDR/GDR

The East Germany Podcast is a podcast designed to educate and inform on the life and times of East Germany.

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Why Communist East Germany's Interflug was an airline like no other with Sebastian Schmitz

Feb. 11, 2021

Today we chat with the author of Interflug - East Germany's airline, Sebastian Schmitz. This is the…

East Germany in Mozambique: Private Photographs of a Forgotten Time with Dr. Katrin Bahr

Jan. 19, 2021

On this episode of Radio GDR the East Germany Podcast, Steve Minegar explores the lives of East Ger…

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Visiting Family Behind the Iron Curtain - Journeys to Görlitz, East Germany with Bill Blosen (30)

Dec. 13, 2020

I have always wondered what small-town life was like outside of Berlin in the GDR. In this episode …

My brother spied on us for the Stasi and how I survived life in an East German Prison (28)

Nov. 13, 2020

In this episode, you will hear how Peter Keup's life was made a misery following his family's appli…

A Journey Through the history of Rock and Pop Music of East Germany

Oct. 22, 2020

In this episode of the East Germany Podcast - Radio GDR we go on a journey of Rock and Pop Music of…